Our Success Story
Success Story

We at velox9 believe in striving for and timely achievement ofset benchmarks for each and every assignment. Our approach towards fast realisation of these goals is by dividing the target in shorter milestones, stringently monitoring conversion quality and optimising CPL to give the best ROI to our clients.

Let us Drill down through the execution of one of our victorious campaigns with our valued clients Re/max V21 Realty Plus

Our Client:Re/max V21 Realty plus
Service category: Digital Advertising (Lead Generation)

About Re/max V21 Realty plus

RE/MAX V21 Realty Plus is now Pune's leading and largest Real Estate Consultancy with 100+ professionals having a reach in all corners in Pune along with Maharashtra.

RE/MAX V21 Realty Plus is True Real Estate Navigator and is a Multi Award Winning Real Estate Consultancy Firm and part of World No. 1 Real Estate Network and having more than 7600 plus offices across Globe and more than 100 offices in India.

Pvt. Ltd. company compliant with RERA , GST , MSME and Other necessary registrations.

Re/max V21 Realty Plus and Velox9

One of our most esteemed clients, Re/max V21 Realty Plus has been associated with us for a long time.

Velox9 has cherished being a part of various projects with Re/max V21 Realty Plus. We are proud to have executed every digital advertising assignment satisfactorily and accomplished the set goals on time.

Along the execution of various projects with Re/max V21 Realty Plus, Velox9 has provided satisfactory output to the set expectations.

Expectations from velox9

There have been several Re/max V21 Realty Plus projects with Velox9 There assignments need us to aim at the following

Project Hype Brand awareness Maximum reach
Increase curiosity of target audience Maximum cost effective advertising Tap every segment of audience
Quality over Quantity Strategic planning of resources On time Delivery
High conversion rate Optimised budget allocation Maximum No. of Leads in lesser time

Challenges in the Assignments

Creating Brand awareness from the scratch
In the housing sector niche the projects begin from the beginning!With zero Number of present website users we take it further to expected heights.
Creating highly effectivelandingpage
Real estate is all about classy, stylish, impressive presentation. The website has to be composed the mark elegance and succeed in luringand retaining customers.
Generating high number of leads
There is a crazy chase for leads! This is due to limited period of time that the project gets closed

Quality Leads and better Conversion
housing projects is conversion rate. The process of sale in housing sector being time consuming it takes a lot of persistent execution. The number expected from us for 350 Bookings.
Reaching significant Number of Digital Platforms
It is crucial to tap every segment of marketing possible and manage the campaigns consistently, effectively & optimally.
Sticking out of the multitude of Marketing Agencies
In the real-estate sector it isquite a tough challengeto rise above the existing competitors in the market and reach out to the Buyer through the swarm of marketers.

Project illustration: Peninsula Land

Location: Pune-Mumbai Expressway

Bench marks of the assignment

We needed to start from scratch by creating a landing page for the particular project and generate large traffic within specified time

Take the brand awareness to maximum heights by extensive promotion on social as well as getting high quality user sessions on the website

The execution

Velox9 team dives head long into the marketing execution of theseassignmentswith below objectives.

Marketing goals:
  • Reach target audience
  • Add to brand reputation
  • Increase awareness to features of project
  • Maximum reach with high conversion audience
  • Creating Events
  • Maximum participantsto the event
  • Event details
    Facebook events were created with an objective of maximum conversion ratio
    • Maximum participantsto the event
    • Promotion of project with eye-catching creatives
    • Aimed at attracting customers with discounts and spot gifts
  • Event Promotion
  • Results of event : Good Number of Participants
  • Facebook organic promotion
We dived into marketing of the project on all possible digital media
  • Campaigns on Facebook,Instagram
  • Google Adwords display as well as search campaigns
  • Optimization of Cost per lead
    • Intensive monitoring and optimization of spend

Execution result: High campaign reach and delivered the assured brand awareness reach, leads and conversions

Result insights:


Total No of impressions


Total Reach


Total No of leads provided
Through the successfulexecution of this assignment, we have been able to take the brand to the set up marketing benchmarks having provided a 360° advertising output. Sticking to projectedquantum of business,Velox 9 has been generating the lead countthat was expected by the client along with the number of Bookings.